June College To Do’s: Freshmen and Sophomores

Student advice for college in June Summer is fast approaching and it’s becoming harder to focus on school and easier to gaze out the window at the sun. However, though you definitely deserve a break, there are still some things you need to do, to make sure you are on track to be accepted into your dream college!
·All of the Freshmen items apply to you, too.
·You could take the SAT Subject Test in an area where you had an AP class this year. These tests are graded on a curve, so make sure you study and do your best. This is not required for the vast majority of colleges but is a chance for you to show off in a strong area.  For very competitive schools, you probably only want to send your scores if they are very high, like 700+. For all other schools, scores of 650 are good.
·Start your formal ACT/SAT test prep this summer, and plan to take your first real test in Oct-Jan of Junior year. Take your second test Dec-March. Use May and June for SAT Subject Tests. This keeps you from being under pressure.
·Read for pleasure because it is fun, relaxing, introduces you to new interests, makes you smarter, and, of course, it boosts your ACT/SAT scores… (but the other reasons are more important!).
·Use the summer to explore interests that you don’t get time to delve into during the school year. Build something, research something, invent something…the sky is the limit.
·Attend a summer camp. These are offered at many colleges and universities, and special interest camps also exist for you to explore virtually any interest.  We have a great list of ideas posted on www.CollegeMapper.com/summer.
Yay, college!


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