Meet our Monthly Scholarship Winner: Daniel!

Say congratulations to Daniel! Our monthly scholarship winner! Daniel is a Junior who recently turned 16. What better birthday gift than a CollegeMapper Scholarship? In his free time, Daniel likes to run, play sports with his siblings, and play the saxophone.   After school, he is very involved and participates in marching band, cross country, and soccer. He also […]

Meet our March Scholarship Winner: Alex

Say congratulations to Alex! The March winner of our CollegeMapper Scholarship Contest! Alex is a new 12th grader who likes to hang out with his friends and play video games in his free time. In fact, he likes video games so much he is part of Video Game/Comic Club at school! (We’re big fans of […]

Am I Eligible for Fee Waivers?

A lot of conversation goes on about the cost of college. The rising price of tuition in recent years has fueled a firestorm of commentary from all kinds of critics. However, the first barrier to entry for many students is the cost of submitting their apps.   Although obviously not as significant as the price of […]

Meet Our May Scholarship Winner: Christina!

Our May College Scholarship Winner is a lovely young lady named Christina! Christina is a 17-year-old who enjoys biking, playing with her dogs and hanging out with friends. She says she wants to go to college because, “It will be a good life experience,” and states, “I want to learn.” Christina hails from Tracy, Minnesota […]

Financial Planning For College

Many students have thought about hiring a private college consultant to help them with the often stressful and overwhelming college application process. Whether it’s because your high school guidance counselor is swamped or because you just want that extra handholding through the process, the prevalence of getting this type of assistance has been growing in […]

Meet Our January Scholarship Winner: Madison!

The January winner of our CollegeMapper $1000 Scholarship contest is one special lady. Meet Madison, a dynamic high school Senior with a bright future! Madison is passionate about staying fit and healthy. In her spare time, she is a coach for her local swim team. Her other after-school activities include DARE, NHS, Mu Alpha Theta and […]

Photography Awards and Competitions for High Schoolers

By: Mia Myklebust If you’re a film junkie with an eye for the unusual you may want to think about photography as a college major. Many schools have wonderful photography programs and, even better, there are many awards out there for budding photogs. Below is a list of photography contests you can enter to get […]

Meet Our November Scholarship Winner: Shakila!

Meet Shakila, the winner of our November $1000 College Scholarship Contest.Shakila is a Senior in high school who is from Detroit, Michigan. In her free time, she enjoys giving back to her community. “I like volunteering in various locations around Detroit,’ she said. “I do things such as serving food, cleaning up, and more.” Specifically, […]

Meet Our December College Scholarship Winner: Jackson!

Meet our December $1000 College Scholarship Contest winner, Jackson! A Senior in high school, Jackson is a motivated student who is already thinking about his future. In his free time, he enjoys hands-on activities. He said,”I enjoy working on several projects with my brother which include a few antique canoe restorations, a truck rebuild, and […]

Meet Our October Scholarship Winner: Brandon!

Meet October’s lucky $1000 scholarship winner, Brandon! As a Senior in high school, Brandon is busy with school, college apps and spending quality time with his friends. Read on to get to know this unique, motivated and big-hearted young man.   CM: What do you like to do in your free time? Brandon: I love […]