June College To Do List: Juniors and Seniors

College checklist for Juniors and Seniors in June The weather is getting hot and students everywhere are trying to focus until summer break arrives. While you all deserve some time in the sun after a long school year, there are still some things you need to do, to make sure you are on track to get into the college of your dreams.
· Think about doing an internship or job shadows this summer. These can really help you identify areas you might like to major in, or areas you definitely do NOT want to major in!
· Finish up your resume and make it look super spiffy! (see resume examples here)
· Finish up standardized testing in June. Really try to avoid testing during the Senior year because it is just miserable for you and makes applying Early Action/Decision very difficult if not impossible. EA/ED greatly increases your admission chances.
· Ask 2 teachers from Junior year for your rec letters during the month of May. Ask if they have a questionnaire that you can complete now or during summer, and if they do, you need to do a really great job on it. Ask a math or science teacher, and then ask a history or English teacher (typically). Core subjects are best, and Junior year teachers are best unless you will have a Senior year teacher who also taught you before—that can work. (Post any questions in the Forum on CollegeMapper if you have questions.)
· Finish as many of your essays as possible this summer. For a full list, guidelines and samples look on the “Essays” page of CollegeMapper. For now, you can write your main essay, why school X is your top choice, and why you chose your major. These are classics that you will surely use.
· Be VERY careful before you begin an application or an essay this summer because it could be from last year and you could be wasting your time!!  This happens to some of my students every year and it is tragic.
· PIN THE MAP to let the world know where you are going to college!
· Send in your housing deposit asap to get the best dorm.
· Start thinking about your transition to college. Making a smooth segue can be more difficult than you might think!
· Save your part-time job money this summer to pay for books and expenses.
· Recharge your batteries before the new adventure begins!
Happy Summer, everybody!  Yay, college!


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