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Welcome to CollegeMapper. You’re about to dive into the site I built based on 25 years of working to help students get into college.

CollegeMapper will give you a timeline, designed specifically for you, in addition to a full suite of tools to help you create everything you’ll need for your college apps. Yay, college!

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Create your personalized timeline for college! Susanna guides you to prepare for, select, and apply to the best colleges for you with our new phone app!


Mine our super helpful resources to see sample essays, find a summer camp, locate test prep, calculate your weighted GPA, and create a college resume!


Read Susanna's helpful posts on every aspect of college admissions, from how to know if you are a first-gen to being recruited as a student athlete--and ask questions!


Post your questions and they go right to Susanna's phone! Get answers about everything from which class to take to how to raise your GPA...anything!

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Need help with that resume? Don’t know what to put? Check out this customizable Resume Builder!

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We can help you calculate your weighted GPA to be sure you are putting your best numbers forward!

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