AP Tests and AP Scores in the Time of Corona

By Susanna de Chenonceau, M.Ed. April 7, 2020 Hello students and parents! I hope that you are all staying safe and well during these unique times. Instead of cancelling or postponing the AP exams this year, the CollegeBoard has reduced the exam length, made them available only online, and postponed them by a week. AP […]

Quiz: Am I a First Gen College Student?

By Susanna de Chenonceau, M.Ed. Answer these simple questions to know if you are a first generation college student or not. I receive many requests on my blog post about this topic, so I decided to create a short quiz to help all of you figure out if you are a first gen. Did you […]

75 Fun Things for Teens to Do at Home During Coronavirus

By Susanna de Chenonceau, M.Ed. April 2, 2020 Hello everyone! Since we’re all at home being safe and helping to flatten the curve, we do need to be creative about ways to fill up your time that would ordinarily be spent outside of the house or with friends. Human beings appreciate structure to our days, […]

Tips for Applying to MBA Programs

I get this question every so often, so I thought I’d draft up some thoughts of advice for potential MBA applicants!  Here goes: MBA programs want to see work experience and solid test scores, so devote yourself to a prep program like Princeton Review, early, like a year before you want to apply.   Polish […]

What To Do Now To Ensure Success After College

Success after college doesn’t just happen.  There are things that the smart college student does to MAKE it happen!  It’s never too early to start learning these skills and thinking about these action items, so let’s get started on your plan to a great career, lifelong happiness, prosperity, and winning good looks! (You’d actually have […]

What To Do With Your Emails From Colleges

So you get a lot of emails from colleges, right?  Let us help you figure out how to deal with that.   In America, teenagers can count on doing two things during high school for sure: you get your driver’s license and you take the ACT or SAT.  As soon as you take a standardized […]

Why To Foster A Good Relationship With Your Counselor

Your high school guidance counselor is an important person for you to get to know, and so as early as possible it’s a good idea to establish a great relationship with the person.  Let’s discuss some of the main reasons why: They help you choose your classes wisely Your counselor knows the teachers and curriculum […]

Why You Should Be a RA

In college, when you live in the dorms, you will have an RA on your floor.  RA means “Resident Adviser” and this person is like your dorm “mom” or “dad” on the floor.  They are your go-to person for any questions or concerns.  Don’t hesitate to ask your RA for any sort of help because […]

Should You Return To College?

Have you ever thought of going to college?  Have you started before and stopped but would like to go back? Are you perhaps thinking of a career change? Adults returning to college are the single largest demographic group currently pursuing higher education.  This trend is growing and you can be part of it!   College […]

Why Honesty is the Best Policy on College Apps (and in Life!)

  Every year I guide all of you students through completing your college apps in the Fall.  And every year I encourage you to be honest because your character is important.  Every year I am proud of you for slaving over how to honestly average out the hours you spend on soccer or drama. And […]