75 Fun Things for Teens to Do at Home During Coronavirus

By Susanna de Chenonceau, M.Ed. April 2, 2020 Hello everyone! Since we’re all at home being safe and helping to flatten the curve, we do need to be creative about ways to fill up your time that would ordinarily be spent outside of the house or with friends. Human beings appreciate structure to our days, […]

Advice From a High School Student On Creating A College List

By: Beau Turner, high school student  Selecting a college to put on your list can be hard. Choosing what city or what state can be even harder. I would know. I just went through the college selection and college application process this summer. While selecting colleges I was able to come up with a few […]

College Advice For Hard of Hearing Students

Colleges and universities are equipped to handle every sort of learning challenge today’s students face and this certainly includes students who are hard of hearing or deaf. These students often grow up learning great skills to use in the classroom, but all the same, being at a college where you feel supported is super helpful. […]

A Letter To Ivy Obsessed Parents: Part 2

In Part 1 of this post we told you: – About the many great colleges out there – That it’s your student’s turn, that your kid wants to make you proud – That they really do listen – And that it’s getting progressively tougher to get into school   Here are 5 more reasons not to focus […]

A Letter To Ivy Obsessed Parents: Part 1

Would you like your child to go to Stanford?  Are you a Yale alum?  Do you know more about Harvard’s admissions stats than an ordinary working professional?  If so, I’d like to beg you to consider a few points.   I know these colleges are great, but the 10 or so “big name” colleges in […]

What You Need To Know If You’re Interested In The Military

So you’re interested in the military? First, it’s good to know what options are available to you.  You can enlist directly into the military from high school and be an enlisted service-person, or you can go to college and enroll in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) on your campus (where available) and train to become […]

How To Choose A College

By: Farah Mokhtar So you’ve finally received the letters you’ve been anxiously waiting so long for your college acceptance letters. Out of tens of thousands of other applicants, they picked you. And now it’s your turn to be the discerning one, to narrow your choices down to the one college that you’ll be attending in […]

How to Finalize Your College List: Part 2

Last week we gave you the first 10 things you should think about when trying to form the best college list for YOU. Today, we’re challenging you to think about 8 more criteria in order to knock a few more schools off your list. Remember, applying to 6-8 colleges is ideal, so use these criteria […]

How To Finalize Your College List: Part 1

Finalizing your college list has to be one of the most difficult parts of the whole college admissions process for high school students.  It seems so tough to cut a school because you feel like it just might be “the one.”   There are some tips and tricks to this, though, and some myths that […]

Top Strategies for Successful Campus Visits

  One of the very best ways to tell if you really like a college is to visit the campus.  There is really no substitute for this because you can feel the vibe of the campus and see if you feel that you would fit in there.  It is a great way to narrow your […]