Frosh and Sophs: May College To Dos

Freshman student prepares for college in MayNo, we didn’t forget about you! And thank goodness for that, because you have plenty of college to dos for the month of May! Read on to get a head start on college planning.
Keep your grades high
Do your very best, kiddo!! These grades really set your GPA now, and the classes now are easier than they will be next year. Try to push all those C+’s and B+’s over to B’s and A’s–you can do it!
Go to summer school if needed
If you could not avoid getting any D’s or F’s, let’s start looking at summer school. Colleges won’t give you credit for D’s and F’s, and they really hurt your GPA, so let’s get those fixed. Talk to your school counselor about the procedure for this and if financial assistance is available.
Test prep
Line up some test prep for this summer. You want to start that this summer so that you can begin testing this Fall. Check your local library, Princeton Review or Kaplan, and even Most communities have SAT/ACT tutors who offer small classes, so you can ask around about that in your town.
Summer plans
Do something fun and interesting this summer! Consider a summer camp, a workshop, a fun course, or especially reading for fun!
Keep your grades high
You can do it! Do your best, guys! Your grades right now really help your GPA, so do all you can. 🙂
Go to summer school if you need to
If any of your grades are looking like they might be a D or an F, then start talking to your guidance counselor about summer school. It’s a bummer, but it will really help you with getting into college.
Read for fun
Just do it. Get a library card and read anything that interests you! It’s an awesome habit and will help you discover your gifts and your path in life.
Yay, college!


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