AP Tests and AP Scores in the Time of Corona

By Susanna de Chenonceau, M.Ed. April 7, 2020 Hello students and parents! I hope that you are all staying safe and well during these unique times. Instead of cancelling or postponing the AP exams this year, the CollegeBoard has reduced the exam length, made them available only online, and postponed them by a week. AP […]

Fall 2014 SAT and ACT Test Dates

Although we hate to admit it, fall is right around the corner! If you haven’t yet taken your ACT or SAT, or want to take it another time to get those scores up (usually not a bad idea), you need to be aware of when the test dates are. Remember, you have to sign up […]

SAT Announces Major Changes!

Today the CollegeBoard announced major changes to the SAT, marking the second time this century they have made significant changes to the test. This is big news for high school students, as well as the admissions world.         Here’s what you need to know:    – The test will go back to […]

Why You Need To Know About Super Scoring

By: Caz Bevan, SAT Preparation Group Spring testing for the SAT and ACT is here, and the summer of college applications is just around the corner! Juggling scholarship applications, college applications, college essays, and student portfolios can be a daunting task. Narrowing down a list of schools you want to attend is hard enough!   […]

College Tests and First-Gen Students

If you are the first generation from your family to attend a four-year college, aka a “first-gen”, then you will have to take the ACT or the SAT. These are admissions tests for colleges and you need to take one of them.  You can try them both and see which you prefer.  All colleges in […]

Spring 2014 ACT and SAT Test Dates

Hello, my sweet Juniors! It’s time to face the music, college is approaching! One of your first tasks is to prepare for and take the test of your choice. Whether you’re an SAT whiz or an ACT genius, now is the time to sign up! You know we love making things simple for you, so […]

Should I Focus on the SAT or ACT?

By: Steve Kirshenbaum, SAT Preparation Group   High Schools throughout the United States tend to pick sides as to whether the SAT or ACT is the more prevalent test.  Because of this, students will often focus on the test they believe to matter most.  However, most colleges accept both scores without favoring one test over the other.  Taking […]

Your Guide to SAT Test Day (And the Night Before)

By: Suniti Mathur, co-founder of testrocker.com   It’s officially back to school season and if you are an HS junior, senior, or academically ambitious sophomore that means you are probably getting ready to take the October SAT. While everyone knows they need to study, TestRocker wanted to tell you about the other things you should […]

College Test Prep: What To Do and When To Do It

When choosing your test prep, many students prep for the SAT and then also take the ACT, because most students find the SAT trickier. When you are at the test prep place, they will help you decide which test to focus on.   All colleges accept either test, so there is no worry about which […]

How Go To College Without Taking The SAT

By: Mia Myklebust   If testing is not your strong suit, then a Fair Test School could be for you. These schools do not require applicants to submit test scores because they don’t believe it’s an accurate measure of a student’s ability to achieve in college.   If you’re a kid with solid grades, interesting […]