Benefits of Studying Abroad in High School. Studying abroad in high school can be a great option. Watch this video to find out why.



College Student Perspective: Why Go To College? A college student's perspective on why going to college is important.

College Admissions Help. Here is a look as to how CollegeMapper can help you simplify the college admissions process.

Confusing College Admissions Words Explained (VLOG). Applying to college can be tricky enough, but the words that go along with the application process can make it harder than it needs to be. Here's our simple explanation of often confusing college admissions words.

Consider Independent Research. Independent research is a great way to stand out on your college applications. What is independent research and why should you do it? Susanna's got the answers!

How to Apply to UC Schools. Who wouldn't want to go to school in California? Susanna goes over things to remember if you want to apply to University of California schools.

How to Send Your Transcript to Colleges. Sending off your transcripts is one of the most important parts of the application process. Wondering how to send your transcripts to colleges? Susanna explains the procedure here!

How to Understand the College Admissions Process. Susanna guides you through the complex college admissions process.

What to do at the College Fair (VLOG)? College Fairs can be a bit overwhelming and stressful. Don't worry, here's advice straight from Susanna on what to do when attending the college fair.

Applying for Early Admissions. Tips for applying Early Admissions from the perspective of a current high school student.

The Benefits of Positive Peer Pressure. Tips on how to positively influence your friends so you can be successful together!

College Advice for Veterans. Advice for veterans on how to tackle the college admissions process.

Transferring to a Different 4 Year College. Susanna lets you know the best way to make sure your second college is a good fit.

Transfer from a 2 Year to 4 Year College. Instructions on how to transfer from a two year to a four year college.

How to Talk to Your Parents About College. Learn the best ways to breach the subject of college with your parents.

How to Ask For Help in Your Classes. Advice from a college student on how to get help in your high school classes when you need it.

Make the Most of Your Visit to the Counselor's Office. Wondering what to ask your counselor about college? This video has the scoop.



How to Set Goals Susanna explains the importance of settings goals for yourself at the beginning of high school.

Pieces of a College App. Susanna lists and explains all of the parts of a college application.

Social Media and Your Applications. Social media is beginning to play a large role in the college admissions process. Susanna explains why keeping your online presence professional is important when applying to college.

Why You Should Apply to College. Susanna explains why it is beneficial to apply to college, even if you think you can not get in.

What to Know When Applying to College. Important facts to know when starting the admissions process

How to Stand Out On Your College Applications. The best ways to make sure your application stands out from the rest.

Guide to the Common Application. Susanna gives advice on how to tackle the Common Application.


Campus Visits

Campus Visits. Visiting college campuses is a important part of selecting a college that is right for you . Susanna gives her advice on what to think about and what questions to ask when visiting college campuses.

How to Visit a College Campus (VLOG). Arguably the best part of the college application process is visiting a college campus. Visiting a college campus is an exhilarating experience. Although looking at pictures of a school is great, there is nothing quite like physically being on campus. It gives you a sense of the campus culture in a way that no description, photo, or video can. Here are our tips on what to keep in mind when touring a school.



Choosing the Right Classes in High School. How to choose the classes in high school that will make you most successful in college.

Study Tips From A College Student. Getting good grades is important! A college students tells you how to get an A.

4 Reasons to Get to Class Everyday. A college students gives his take on why going to class is important.

What is Your Academic Passion (VLOG).Knowing what your academic passions are is what helps you narrow down your choices when it comes to picking colleges. What's your academic passion? Expert guidance counselor Susanna Cerasuolo gives advice on how to figure out what you're passionate about and why it matters!

How to Choose High School Classes. The classes you take in high school will have a huge impact on your college experience. Susanna explains how to create a 4-year plan for high school.

Get College Credit in High School. Earning college credit while you are still in high school can put you ahead of the curve. Susanna goes over the pros and cons of taking college classes in high school.

College Representatives

Questions to Ask a College Rep. When a college representative visit your high school, meeting with them can give you an advantage during the application process. Susanna tells you how to talk to college representatives and what questions to ask them.

Why know your College Representative? You can create a competitive edge by getting to know the college representative of the universities you are applying to. Susanna explains why this is crucial.

What to Think About When Attending the College Fair. Info on what to keep in mind when going to the college fair.


How to Choose Between Two Colleges. If you've been accepted to more than one school, choosing between them can be difficult. Susanna explains the key things to consider when deciding between two colleges you've been accepted to.

How to Create a College List It is important to create a strong and well balanced college list. Here are some ways to not get overwhelmed by the process and how to narrow down your college list and pick schools you will love.

Make a Smooth Transition to College (VLOG). The transition to college can be challenging and it is normal to feel like the pressure is too much to handle at times. Susanna advises you on making a smooth transition to college this fall.


What Are Pre-College Prep Programs? Explanation of pre-college prep programs and how they can help you.

Advice For Parents of First Generation Students. Tips for parents of first generation students navigating the college process.

What Are Student Support Services? Susanna explains all the resources available on a college campus.

What is a Summer Bridge Program? This video explains what summer bridge programs are and how they can benefit you.

What is a Community Outreach Program and How Can You Get Involved? Susanna explains the benefits of being involved in a Community Outreach Program both in college and in high school.

What is a Fly-In Program and How To Apply For One. Definition of a Fly-in Program and how you can benefit from participating in one.

Key Resources for First Generation Students. Important to know resources for first generation students.

Advice for First Generation Students. Being the first in your family to go to college can be tough. Here is advice help you make the transition.

What Are First-Year Transition Programs? Explains the benefits of a first year transition program.


How to Write a College Essay. Susanna gives some hints on what makes a great college essay and when to start writing them.

When to Write Your College Essays. It is critical to get an early start on your college essays. Susanna recommends that you start writing essays the summer going into your senior year. Learn what makes a great essay, what you should write about, and more about the editing process.

Write Your College Essays in Summer (VLOG). Getting a head start on your college essays will reduce your stress levels exponentially once you start school in the fall. Susanna talks about why writing your essays in the summer before Senior year is the best way to get ahead on your college applications.

Key Points in College Essays (VLOG) Colleges definitely look out for certain things in your essay to make sure you're putting your best foot forward. Susanna explains the fundamental points that you should cover in your college essays.


Financial Aid

What You Need to File the FAFSA. Completing the FAFSA can be a straightforward process if you know what information and paperwork to gather before you start the application. Watch this video for a list of what to have on hand.

After Filing the FAFSA. The FAFSA process is not over after you submit the application. Find out what you need to do after submitting to make sure you get the maximum amount of aid.

Tips When Filing the FAFSA. Filling out the FAFSA, an official federal form with more than 100 questions asking about yourself, your college choices, and both your and their your parents' financial situation, can be an intimidating process. This video provides general tips on how to accurately file the FAFSA.

File the FAFSA Every Year. Congratulations, you've successfully filled out the FAFSA. However, filing the FAFSA is not a one-time event, you need to do it every year they are in college.

Consejos para llenar la FAFSA Los estudiantes pueden temer la FAFSA, una forma oficial federal con más de cien preguntas sobre ellos (los estudiantes), los colegios que quieren asistir, y la situación financiera de ambos ellos y sus padres. Este video provee consejos generales en como exactamente llenar la FAFSA.

Que debe tener antemano para empezar la FAFSA Llenando la FAFSA puede ser un proceso claro y conciso si sabes la información y los papeleos requeridos antes de llenar la solicitud. Mira este video para ver una lista de lo que tienes que tener antemano.

Completa la FAFSA cada ano. Llenando la FAFSA no es un proceso de una sola vez. Los estudiantes tienen que hacerlo para cada año que ellos estén en el colegio/la universidad. Este video cubre como se debe llenar la FAFSA cada año que asistes el colegio/la universidad.

Why File the FAFSA. Paying for college can be a bit of a nightmare for everyone. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) provides you access to the majority of aid you will receive for college. This video explains what the FAFSA is and why it is so important for you to file.

Despues de completar la FAFSA Los eventos de llenar la FAFSA en Enero reciben mucha atención y mayoría de los estudiantes dan por hecho que han terminado el proceso de la solicitud para ayuda financiera al completar esto. Pero, ¡es solo el primer paso! Mira este video para conocer los siguientes pasos después de llenar la FAFSA.

Porque debe decompletar la FAFSA. La Solicitud Gratuita de Ayuda Federal para Estudiantes (FAFSA) provee acceso a la mayoría ayuda financiera que los estudiantes pueden recibir para el colegio/la universidad. Este video explica que es la FAFSA y por qué es importante llenarla.


For Parents

The Parent Side of College Admissions. The college application process can be as hard on parents as it is on students. Here are some tips for parents on helping their kid through the college application process.


Freshman Year

Does freshman year count? What to do your freshman year of high school to ease the stress of the college application process and get a head start on admissions.



Get To Know Your Transcript (VLOG). Susanna tells you what your transcript is, who needs to see it, what classes and how many of them you should take, and how to find and eliminate errors.

GPA Attaining a high GPA is most important (and easiest) during your freshman and sophomore year. Susanna helps you understand your GPA and provides other important information on what colleges look for on each year of your high school career.

Weighted Vs. Unweighted GPA (VLOG) Are you wondering whether you should report your weighted or un-weighted GPA on your college applications? Susanna has the answer in this VLOG.


How to Prepare for an Interview. Interviews can be a make or break part of your college application. Susanna has some tips on how to prepare for a college interview.

Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing (VLOG) Interviews allow college admissions representatives to put a face to your name and offer you a chance to sell yourself to the college. Susanna details the things to remember to do before and after an interview, plus the benefits of interviewing at your colleges.


Junior Year

What to do Junior Year. Junior year is critical in regards to the college application process. It is often times considered the most difficult year of high school, and you are going to need to learn what steps you need to take to make it your most successful year yet.


Letters of Recommendation

How to get a Recommendation Letter There are many factors to consider when choosing which teachers you ask for recommendation letters. Susanna tells you everything you need to know to get the strongest recommendations.

Recommendation Letters Getting a good letter of recommendation can really help out in the college process. Find out how to get great letters of rec from expert guidance counselor Susanna.



How to Form Positive Teacher Relationships It is never to early to start thinking about which teachers you will ask for recommendation letters. Susanna explains how to establish positive relationships with teachers before you need to ask them for recommendation letters.

How to Make a College Resume Susanna explains the key parts of a strong college resume. Your resume needs to encompass all four years of high school so you must start early!


Senior Year

Do senior year grades count? Will you need to send your senior year grades to colleges? Although senioritis is fun at first, don't get carried away because colleges can request mid year and final year reports for your senior year in high school. You can get denied admission if your GPA drops your senior year.

Tips for Applying to College Your Senior Year Some things to keep in mind when finishing up the college application process your Senior year of high school.


Sophomore Year

Beginning the College Application Process Sophomore Year The college application process actually begins your sophomore year of high school. Find out what to keep in mind when you are selecting clubs, activities, sports, and classes.


Sports and Activities

How to get Involved with Leadership in High School Looking to add to your resume? Colleges love students that have leadership roles. Although a broad umbrella term, there are many ways you can get involved in a leadership position during high school.

How to Plan Your Summer. Summer time is not all about relaxing; doing something productive can help you stand out on your college applications. Here are some ways to do something valuable with your summer plans to bolster your college applications!

Should I play sports in college? If you've played a sport your whole life, now is not the time to quit. Here is some advice on how to go about playing your sport in college.

Summer Programs (VLOG) The PLAN and PSAT are normally offered to sophomores and juniors. These two exams give you a taste of what you can expect when it's time to take the real thing. Susanna explains the difference between the PLAN and the PSAT.



Preparing for a High School Test. Helpful hints from a high school Senior on how to ace a test.

Preparing for Standardized Tests Get advice from a high school Senior on how to ace your SAT or ACT.

How to Send My Test Scores to Colleges. Learn how to compare your SAT and ACT scores, and how to choose which scores to send to colleges.

SAT and ACT. Susanna tells you how to choose between the SAT and the ACT, how to prepare for them, when to take them, and where to send your scores.

Should I take the SAT Subject Test (VLOG). Are you trying to decide if you should take the SAT Subject Tests? Susanna is here to help you figure it out.

The PLAN and PSAT. The PLAN and PSAT are normally offered to sophomores and juniors. These two exams give you a taste of what you can expect when it's time to take the real thing. Susanna explains the difference between the PLAN and the PSAT and why it's important that you take them.

Your Test Prep Options Standardized tests have a lot of weight on which school you get in to. Learn how and when to prepare for taking the SAT and ACT!

Preparing for a College Test. Advice from a college student on the best ways to prep for a college test.

Preparing for a High School Test. Helpful hints from a high school Senior on how to ace a test.

Preparing for Standardized Tests. Get advice from a high school Senior on how to ace your SAT or ACT.