What is a Gap Year?

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Julia asked 4 years ago
What is a gap year and how do I find programs for a gap year?

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi Julia!
Such a pretty name! A gap year is a year off after high school and before college, where you can recharge your academic batteries while you do something else! Great examples include

  • service work
  • farming
  • a job
  • travel
  • au pair
  • sports
  • language study
  • music
  • conservation
  • teaching English
  • community development
  • internships
  • hospitality
  • skiing
  • medical volunteering
  • peace work
  • and a personal favorite: hiking the Great Wall of China!

These are just some of the hundreds of possibilities. You apply to college with your class and then defer your accpetance by one year. Check to be sure your college allows deferrals first, but most do. 
Gap years are very enriching!
Yay, college!