Choose My Major: Pharmacy

Do you like science? Do you want to help people?  If you are great at paying attention to details, and if you have strong communication skills, then you should consider a career as a pharmacist!  This career offers a great salary and solid job security.  As our population ages, pharmacists will be more and more […]

Choose My Major: Nursing

So you want to be nurse?  Great!  We will always need great nurses, and if you’ve ever been in the hospital, you know the power of a friendly, kind, smart nurse who is excited about his or her career.  Nurses are compassionate people who do much to ease the suffering and fear of others.  It’s […]

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Thinking about your future career is really exciting!  There are so many possibilities, and the sky really is the limit. Most students who enter college do not know for certain what they want to study or become, so there’s no great pressure for you to figure it out right away.   At most colleges you […]

Choose My Major: Film Studies

By: Helen Voelker   Oh to work in Hollywood! If that’s something you think every time you go to the movies with your friends, then a major in film might be right up your alley. Many of today’s successful directors, actors and producers (along with other film industry professionals) started out just like you: a […]