An Interview With Fred Rugg of Rugg’s Recommendations: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our interview with Fred Rugg, author of Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges. The book, now in its 29th edition, is an excellent college guidebook that helps students, parents, and counselors get accurate college rankings and ratings. Check out Part 1 of our interview for more background on Fred Rugg.  By: Susanna Cerasuolo, […]

An Interview with Fred Rugg of Rugg’s Recommendations: Part 1

By: Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.   Fred Rugg is a nationally known expert on colleges, and his book, Rugg’s Recommendations On the Colleges, is one of the best college guidebooks available. Rugg’s Recs, currently in its 29th edition, lists which colleges have strong departments in each major. Counselors across the country consider Ruggs Recs an invaluable […]

The Truth Behind College Rankings

1. They are not accurate 2. They make colleges panic and behave badly 3. They make students choose the wrong schools for them 4. They don’t mean anything 5. The data can be false 6. They encourage parents to fixate on the same few schools 7. They tempt you not to feel super proud of […]