How To Apply To UC Schools

This week’s video is about the application for the University of California schools. The UC system has its own application so it’s important to get to know it if you’re thinking of applying to one or more of these schools. Watch as Susanna breaks down the app, provides due date reminders and explains aspects of […]

How To Send Your Transcripts To Colleges [VIDEO]

  It’s Senior year of high school and you’re in the thick of college applications (or you should be!). You’ve done your best to get those grades up and now it’s time to show them off to the colleges, but you’re thinking,”Where do I start?” Take a peek at our latest video on how to […]

Social Media and Your College Applications [VIDEO]

  If you’re the type of kid who doesn’t think twice before uploading that picture of you mooning your little sister, it’s time to think twice. The world is growing increasingly small with the advent of new technologies and more specifically, social media. The online world is more easily accessible than you may think. Even […]