2014 Guide to the Common App: Part 2

Hey kiddos! If you made it through the Common App Guide Part 1 and are now about to tackle Part 2, you’re doing GREAT. Let’s talk about each of these sections now. Fill in each section carefully until you get a green check Do not submit the Common App until it’s “that time of year”, […]

2014 Guide to the Common App: Part 1

It’s August 1, 2014, and you Seniors know that that means–the Common App is live!  Let’s walk step-by-step through this beast and help you make sure yours is AMAZING!! Log onto www.commonapp.ORG (NOT .com, those guys are posers trying to lure stressed teens to a bogus site!) Create an account and use proper capitalization and punctuation!  Do […]

How To Finalize Your College List: Part 1

Finalizing your college list has to be one of the most difficult parts of the whole college admissions process for high school students.  It seems so tough to cut a school because you feel like it just might be “the one.”   There are some tips and tricks to this, though, and some myths that […]

The Common App: Step-by-Step

By: Mia Myklebust and Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.   Welcome to our Prezi (kind of life Powerpoint on steroids) explaining The Common App. Click above to get expert advice on navigating the Common App. We know it can be confusing that’s why we’re here to break it down step-by-step. Click away, friends!   For more information on the Common […]