ForumCategory: ApplicationsWhat to do if you're unweighted GPA is lower than your target school, but you're weighted GPA is higher?
Athena asked 1 year ago

I’m trying to get into UC Davis with a current unweighted GPA of 3.4, a weighted GPA of 4.3, and an SAT score of 1360. Unfortunately, my unweighted score is about 0.3 points below the average at UC Davis, but my weighted score is 0.1 above the average weighted score since I have taken so many college classes already. This will be my junior year and I have heard that it is very hard to change your GPA from this point forward, but I might be able to make it into a 3.5. I guess, what I’m trying to ask, is 1) am I still competitive for this type of school? and 2) will a higher weighted score make up for a lower unweighted score? Thanks!