What should my GPA goal for senior year be?

ForumWhat should my GPA goal for senior year be?
Reese asked 4 years ago

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi Reese! I think your GPA goal should be based upon you doing your best, and this will vary for each person! Be sure to take a class-load that is only a little challenging. If school comes very easily for you, then try to get all As. If Bs an d Cs are the very, very best that you can do, then be proud of this! Do your very best and be proud! There are plenty of colleges in the US for everyone, so really, as long as your GPA is above a 2.5 or in some states a 2.8, you should be fine to be accepted to university. That said, having a GPA over 3.0 before you go to college does mean that perhaps college will be a little easier for you to manage and adjust to. BUT, with determination, anyone can ALWAYS succeed. Seek the resources you need once you get to campus because there is loads of academic support available for those who truly want to learn. 🙂 . Yay, college!  Susanna