ForumCategory: ApplicationsWhat kinds of questions do they ask you in the Ammi Hyde Interview for the University of Denver?
Sarah asked 3 years ago

Any specific questions you know of?

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susanna answered 3 years ago

Hi Sarah! First off, while the Ammi Hyde is optional, I think it is a really good idea and important. It is important to know that the structure of the Ammi Hyde interview differs from a traditional college interview (which usually is just you and an admissions rep chatting over coffee somewhere). The Ammi Hyde consists of a panel of 2-3 people (admissions reps, faculty, students) who sit facing you, and while they ask you questions and you reply, they take notes. It’s not much of a conversation, but more of a chance to see how you think on your feet. Typical questions in recent years have been: Who are your best friends and why? What kitchen appliance would you be and why? What was the most creative project you did at school last year and why? What does honesty mean to you? What kind of superhero would you be These are just some examples. Be sure to read the two interview handouts we have posted in the Resources section, under Handouts. The Ammi Hyde interview is great experience for you for future job interviews, so research Denver, relax, and go for it!