What do I need to do once I've decided on my school?

ForumCategory: ApplicationsWhat do I need to do once I've decided on my school?
Thomas asked 4 years ago
I have to declare my intent to enroll in my chosen college by a certain day?

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi Thomas!  Yes, you need to declare your intent to enroll by depositing at your chosen school usually by May 1st, but this year in 2020, because of coronavirus, many of the colleges are extending their deadlines to June 1st, so be sure to check your college’s website. But yes, in general, you deposit about $300-500 and that secures your spot to attend that college. BE SURE to deposit by the deadline or you will lose your spot and have nowhere to go!  Also, do NOT double deposit because it keeps a spot away from another student on the waitlist who is in misery. It is not kind to double deposit! Do good research deeply now and make up your mind now.  One more month will never materially change your decision. Do the work now.  Yay, college! Susanna