What do I do at a college fair?

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Krista asked 4 years ago
What do I do at a college fair? 

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi Krista!

At the college fair, what to do? Try not to panic.  That’s my best advice.  😉
Haha! But seriously, it’s pretty overwhelming! At first.  But let’s get our game faces on because you know what else the college fair is, kids?  IT’S FUN!  I mean, for a die-hard library worshipper like this cat, it’s pretty much nerdtopia to be able to talk to that many colleges in one room!  It’s like, nerdvana. I’m just dreaming about it right now. 
So what you do is this. You register so that when you show up you get a groovy nametag that all of the colleges can scan as if you were a piece of produce. (UNLESS it’s a cool virtual college fair, wherein your login will be your badge and you don’t have to wear that ultra fashionable tag that we always forget to take off when we leave and then randos on the street say Hey, Susanna, what’s up? And I’m all like, do I know you? Cuz I don’t…)
So you register, and then you check the list of which colleges are going to be there, and then you circle the ones you’d like to talk to, and then you make a MASTER PLAN about which ones you will see first, second, third etc etc. Have a plan, or you may get in the room and panic because of all of the choices. True story.
Then basically, you just interact with each college rep, and be very professional because this all goes on record. This WILL affect your admissions, so don’t be a joker.  Familiarity breeds contempt. Be a little formal. Pull out your very best manners. Ma’am and Sir and please and thank you all over the place. Adults love that.
Ask a couple of questions but be sure not to hog the admissions person’s time. You can get their contact info to follow up with more questions. And you should.  😉
Hope this helps!!