ForumCategory: ApplicationsWhat are your thoughts on Pitzer and Scripts – the claremont schools?
McKayla asked 3 years ago
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susanna answered 3 years ago

Hi McKayla! I am a huge fan of both Pitzer and Scripps. Have you been able to visit? I think for me the selling points of Pitzer are that the kids there are passionate about making a difference in the world. Pitzer kids march to the beat of their own drums and are very interested in social activism, civil rights, and justice—among other things. Pitzer kids are outspoken and yet relaxed. They have never struck me as full of themselves. And they are very diverse, by definition. Pitzer has great diversity of thought on campus, and a clear read on what makes a Pitzer kid.

Susanna Cerasuolo Staff replied 1 year ago

And I am not sure at all why I answered half of this question only? 😛

Scripps women are AWESOME. They are very strong in the sciences, often, and motivated by equality, at least my students have been passionate about seeing that women and men are treated equally in all aspects of global life. I think both of these schools are fabulous!