What additional info should I share with my colleges?

ForumCategory: ApplicationsWhat additional info should I share with my colleges?
Kai asked 4 years ago
If the application has a space for additional info, should I use it? What additional info should I tell colleges on my applications? 

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi Kai!
There is usually a spot on the application where you can list additional info. This could include situations like: family situation affected my grades, I’m not a strong test taker, I couldn’t take 4th year Spanish because it conflicted with Journalism, my first high school was on a different grading scale, I travel so much for my sport that I missed X days of school last year and still got a 3.7, I had consumption and missed 20 days of school, switched schools, etc. etc.
It’s great to explain the full picture to each college. Don’t leave them wondering anything; speak to it yourself! 
Yay, college!