Summer School to boost GPA?

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Mario asked 4 years ago
Should I go to summer school to raise my GPA?

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi Mario!
You sure can! Or you can re-take a class online IF your school counselor approves that first, OR you can re-take a class actually during the school year instead of taking an elective like “Culinary Arts for Your Cat” or “Basket Weaving vs Macrame–the Ultimate Challenge.”
So you have three choices, and they all work to raise a GPA, but the key is, your super amazing school counselor needs to approve it before you do it. (Pumpkin bread does help this.)  And remember, if your GPA isn’t what you wish it were, tell the colleges why in the Additional Info section on the applications.  The college reps care about you kids and they want to know what you’ve faced, so it’s very ok to tell the truth about tough stuff, just be positive and kind (no blaming or whining–and never say it was a teacher’s fault, ever) and always focus on what you learned and how you grew.  It’s ok to be a late bloomer. You’re a kid. You guys are all growing and changing. We are educators and we get that.  🙂
Yay, college!