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Cody asked 4 years ago
Susanna! I need some help! If you’ve got any insight in what it takes to get into a Service Academy, I would love to hear it. I have achievements that match their expectations for the most part, albeit a medical issue but I may be able to get a waiver for that. I keep seeing that I should’ve started applying my junior year… and I am writing this in July after my highschool graduation. This could be the thing that sets my future on the right track so I need to know if there is any chance for me to get into Army, Navy, or Air Force Service Academies, even this late in the game. I can give more details if I get a quick response, so please get back to me soon, thank you!

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Dear Cody,
I am so sorry that we had a MAJOR Forum breakdown and I am just now seeing this, so very, very late.  🙁  I truly hope that someone else was able to answer your question in a timely fashion. So, here’s the deal, I would contact each school that interests you, meet with an admissions rep, and clearly outline a plan of attack to get in.  There are MANY avenues to becoming an officer in the military.  Just DO NOT GIVE UP.  That’s the key. You can transfer in, do ROTC, go to a prep academy, etc etc. Read my timeline for Military applicants:
Much of this will not directly apply to you, but it will still be helpful for you to know the standard procedure for how to get into Annapolis / The Naval Academy, West Point, the Coast Guard, Citadel, etc.  Don’t forget ROTC as an option to become an officer.
Good luck to you, Cody!!