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Johan asked 6 years ago
I am currently registered to take the SAT on October 6th and the SAT subject test Spanish with listening on November 3rd, would you recommend that I register now for the November test as well or that I wait until i see my scores? Do you think there is the possibility for me to do the Early decision, or because of the exchange that will not be an option?
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susanna answered 6 years ago
Hi Johan! Just to clarify, you can’t take the SAT and the subject tests on the same day. So I think at this point, if you’re registered for the October SAT and the November subject tests, than you’ve done everything you can do. And yes, you can apply Early Decision. You will just submit your application listing on there that you plan to take the SAT subject tests in November but then leave the score blank. As soon as you have the scores you send them to your colleges in late November. If you have any more questions, let me know. Hope this helps!