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Raji Praveen asked 4 years ago
My son a straight ‘A’ student opted for pre-AP Biology, unfortunately the teacher is grading the kids as if they are in college, kids who are getting ‘A+’ other pre-AP courses such as geometry and English are getting ‘C’ s and ‘D’s. My son is having nightmares and is withdrawn, he already thinks he is a failure. The teacher neither teaching nor letting us know the curriculum, when I complained to the principal she is now retaliating against my son.  Im heart broken. apologies for the sob story. My question is can he retake this pre-AP biology in summer or in 9th grade so his GPA is 4.0, right now he has ‘C’ in first quarter in pre-AP Biology. how can we repair this? what are his options? can he still get 4.0 GPA in high shcool. What should I ask the counsellor? currently he is enrolled in a magnet school in 8th grade, clark county Nevada Las Vegas. where can I find more information on this for this clark county pre-AP related stuff. thank you for your time and valuable advice.

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi Raji! 
I am SO SORRY for this terribly delayed reply. For whatever reason WordPress stopped sending notifications about these questions so I have just seen yours.  🙁
I would have your son speak with his teacher (first, in the future) because in high school teachers prefer to deal directly with the student. Secondly, assure your son that grades are not the most important thing in the world and that his mental health and happiness are FAR more important to you than his grades. 
He can redo the class in the summertime, and he may also find that his grade will improve as he and the teachers adjust to online learning (which is VERY difficult on teachers and students.
Complaining about a teacher almost always backfires, so remember in the future to coach your son to handle his own business with the teachers, since he is a young adult now and can easily do that with your coaching and encouragement. I hope this helps!
Yay, college!