Narrowing down my college list

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George asked 4 years ago
How many colleges should be on my final list?

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi George!
Your final college list should have 8-10 colleges only (you can count all the UC schools as one). This is important so that the quality of the applications can be high. Also, it’s expensive to apply to colleges, and it takes work on the part of others at your school, so be considerate and economical and do a great job on just a few apps.
Also, if you do your research on the front end, then you will end up with a short list of schools that you are very happy about. You don’t need to apply to loads and loads of schools because the vast majority of colleges in the US accept the vast majority of their applicants. Save time, money, and resources. Research and visit campuses, and apply to 8 or less.  🙂
Yay, college!