ForumCategory: Resumeis it worth it retaking a semester of a class during the summer to raise my GPA, or will it look bad on my transcript?
Ines asked 4 months ago

hi, i have been e-learning all school year and struggled in the first half. in my honors algebra 2 class, I got a B-. I have ALWAYS been an A student and this year has been so difficult, especially learning online. is it worth it retaking a semester of a class during the summer to raise my GPA/ get the B- out? how will it look to admissions officers? did i blow my chance at attending an Ivy League/prestigous school like UMich or Stanford? i asked my guidance counselor, but I feel like she could be sugar coating it. I calculated my GPA and found out it would benefit my grade if I did well, but how would it look to admissions officers?

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Susanna de Chenonceau Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Ines!  One of the most important things you can do to be ready for any prestigious college is to show that you pay attention to detail in ALL moments, because research requires that. Therefore, I would be extremely careful to use proper capitalization. Top colleges do not like kids who cut corners and seem lazy–I’m not saying you are lazy, but don’t give them ANY reason to think you might be. Always capitalize I and the first word of every sentence. And use spell check–“prestigious”. I would also avoid using slang, like “blow my chances”. This is important. I’m not just giving you a hard time; I’m giving you insider tips.  :). 
NOW, to answer your stated question, it is perfectly fine to retake a class in summer, even if the old and the new grade show up on your transcript. It shows you are hard-working and committed.  I always recommend this option as I think it shows determination.  Great question!
Yay, college! Susanna