ForumCategory: ResumeIf I have made contact with professors at a school I am interested in, how should I begin my communications?
Lauren asked 3 years ago

Hi There Susanna, When you have received a personal recommendation to professors at a school your interested in, how should I begin my communications? I have already received emails from them saying they will try to help me in any way they can. I have a unique resume of work (journalism) I want to show them, and actual film of me interviewing people that I have constructed as well. I know there is a resume format on the website, but should I instead use a format of my own, is that alright? But most importantly once again what are my first steps? Thanks for the help! -Lauren

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susanna answered 3 years ago

Hello! I think that if you know a professor who is willing to help guide you, then start out by asking them what advice they would give in this process. They will know what they are able to do. You can ask if they would be willing to read your resume; they may or may not have time. And yes, for the resume, you can always use your own format. The formats listed here are just guides for you. Best, Susanna