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Natalie asked 6 years ago
Coming back from my year on foreign exchange, I am currently enrolled into English and US history classes at bellevue college and will be taking IB Calculus, IB Physics and IB chemistry, I have a 3.9 or 3.8 GPA, however I am still wondering whether I would be better off staying around a second year, doing the full IB diploma and giving myself some more time to apply and to prepare myself for college. I was wondering, from your experience, if doing the full IB diploma will really make a big difference for admissions or if the second year is a little superfluous?
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susanna answered 6 years ago
I think this depends on where you want to apply and your ultimate goals. If you know which schools you are looking at, it is always best to call them each and ask their opinion on matters like this one. A full IB diploma is very rigorous, and certainly very well regarded. If you want to learn the material offered by the second year IB program, then that is a good idea. If you feel you already know that material and are ready to go to college, then I would say perhaps go ahead and apply now. As long as you are pursuing your passions and enjoying learning, your applications will be strong. If you are thinking of spending your second year abroad to finish the IB, then that can be a very good idea because of the language skills you will acquire. Languages are very attractive on a resume. In general, it is a good idea to finish what you start, unless you are an advanced student and are ready to move on to the next level earlier than your peers. Let me know if you have more questions about this!