How to pick summer plans?

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George asked 4 years ago
What should I do in the summer?

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago

Hi George!

In your high school summers you can learn about all sorts of new and fun things (like breeding nightcrawlers, or doing interpretive dance at local coffee shops to Enya’s Greatest Hits), or you can get a job and learn how businesses work, or you can do independent research on the Stoic philosophers, or do wilderness survival self-training in your backyard, refusing to come in and shower for weeks on end. The possibilities are endless!

😛 Most kids get a job, or go to a camp or two. We have a fierce database on CollegeMapper of amazing and fun camps where you could literally learn everything under the sun. Your summer could involve travel, or it could involve burning the magnetic strip off of your library card from zealous and passionate overuse (there is a support group for this but I’m not ready to talk about it.)

In short, use your summers to show colleges what you LOOOOOOVE. Summers are a fun time for self discovery and exploration, for solving world problems à la Greta Thunberg, for writing that screenplay finally, for lazy days of fishing with your Grandpa on purpose and asking him every question you can possibly think of because you’ll want to hold those answers forever when someday you can’t hold him. Summers are beautiful, George. And who knows, but if you work at the local ice cream shop like I did one year in high school, you just might fall in love a few months later when autumn comes and pumpkins dot porches with lights on for souls.

Yay, summer!