How to eliminate schools of my College list?

ForumCategory: ApplicationsHow to eliminate schools of my College list?
Johan asked 6 years ago
I have sent you the list of schools that I am currently looking at and what my impressions are of each of them. My list is still too long, what would be a good way for me to start taking some schools off of my list?

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susanna answered 6 years ago
Hi Johan! I think the easiest way to narrow a list is to identify your top criteria and then make a chart and check off which schools have which…in this way you can see who has the most to offer you, of the things that matter to you. Also, check the book Ruggs Recommendations on the Colleges to see which of your colleges are strongest in your intended areas of study. Fred Rugg is the authority on that topic. Visiting is a great way to determine these characteristics, and researching on the colleges’ websites, and talking with current students and alumni. Hope this helps! 🙂