How do i send in my ACT after I’ve submitted my applications?

ForumCategory: ApplicationsHow do i send in my ACT after I’ve submitted my applications?
Sarah asked 4 years ago

And also why should I join college mailing lists? I’m confused about what they are. Thanks!

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi Sarah! 
To send your ACT scores, log into and be sure that if paying to send these scores is a problem for you, that you ask for fee waivers. ACT gives them, as does your counselor and your colleges to which you are applying. Always be sure to ask for help.
On the ACT site you just click Send Scores and then send the scores to all 8 of your colleges at once. You have to pay ~$13 to send each score. Send these 3 weeks before any application is due because they can take a month to arrive!  And then check to make sure the college actually gets them, because sometimes they don’t and you have to resend them.  🙁
You join the mailing list on the college admissions websites and this shows the college that you really like them, which helps!, and it also keeps you in the loop for important announcements like changes to the application, the college coming to visit near you, etc.
Yay, college!