How do I know which order to attack each school's essays?

ForumCategory: EssaysHow do I know which order to attack each school's essays?
Lauren asked 6 years ago
So out of my list of schools, how do I know how to decide which one I should do first, second, third etc. or is it just a matter of personal preference. If you have any tips, let me know!

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susanna answered 6 years ago
Hi Lauren! First, you copy and paste all of your prompts into the Essays page of CollegeMapper. Then you see if any of the prompts overlap. If they do, be sure to recycle; don’t write any essay twice. From there I would start your main essay first, since you will send it to most colleges, and you don’t want to be writing it under pressure. Then you can write whichever of them interest you. Be sure to start all of your essays before school starts, because the rough drafts are the hardest part and so you don’t want to write them during school, on top of homework and activities. Edit, polish, and finish as many of the essays as you possibly can before school starts! 🙂 Hope this helps! Susanna