How do I know whether a big or a small school is a good fit for me?

ForumCategory: ApplicationsHow do I know whether a big or a small school is a good fit for me?
Johan asked 6 years ago
Looking at the big schools and the small schools, and not having visited many of either. How do I know which one might be a better fit for me? Thanks!

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susanna answered 6 years ago
Hi Johan! I think when deciding between a large school and a small school it is best to think about yourself as a learner and to ask how you learn best. Do you thrive on discussion and working closely with teachers? If so, then you will want to look at a small school. Kids who prefer large schools like both the “privacy” and the diversity of offerings that a large school provides. These kids are also fine with creating a group or niche for themselves within a larger place, which one has to do at big places. At small schools it is often easier and quicker to find your niche and your group of people. The main differences, as I see it, are identifying your preferred learning style, knowing how easy it is for you to find friend groups, and thinking about the number of curricular and co-curricular offerings you desire. Lastly, there’s just a close-knit “family” type atmosphere at a smaller place, while at a large school everyone belongs to the same huge family, so there can be a lot of widespread spirit. You need to decide which factors are attractions or deterrents for you. Hope this helps! Susanna