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Hao Cao asked 4 years ago
I am currently a junior in high school with a 3.17 GPA and a aspiring Engineer. I took Spanish 3 during my Sophomore year because I took Spanish 1 during 8th grade. Spanish was never my strong point and I ended up with a D at the end of the 2nd semester. I also took AP World History that year and was oblivious to the purpose of AP classes and I did poorly in that class all year and ended up with a D as well. I didnt take the AP test because I knew that I was going to fail. I ended the year with 2D’s 2A’s and 2B’s. My grades as of right now are looking pretty good. I have an A in English, Physics, and my off campus Computer Science class. I have a B in my Math Analysis Honors and a B in US History. My point is that D’s look really bad on transcripts and I am really stressing out about it. Is there anything that I can do?