Good schools for a 3.49 gpa and 1200 sat score (new sat) ?

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Lily asked 6 years ago
Im trying to find some safety schools that I can apply to, but I do have a few schools that are on top of my list. These schools are Temple University, Drexel University, and Virginia Tech. Taking two AP classss my junior year, is there a chance I could be considered for admissions by these schools? 

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 6 years ago
Hi Lily!  First of all, I am SO sorry that it took so long to reply to this.  I simply, for whatever reason, did not receive an email that you had posted, which I nearly always do!  🙂   Anyhoo, yes, it seems to me that given the limited data you have written for me here, yes, you could be considered for admission to these schools.  Make a visit to chat with your school counselor and ask if he/she has a copy of Rugg’s Recommendations.  That will tell you which schools are strong in which majors.  Then your counselor can help you build a college list with some safeties, based on factors important to you, such as state, size of school, majors offered, intensity, religious focus, etc etc.  Yay, college!  Susanna