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Leslie asked 4 years ago
Hello! I am a early 20s lady, who had a 3.something (3.5 ?) GPA in high school, which I did drop out of and opted for my GED. I took some college courses, which I did not complete, as well due to various factors. I am wanting to give college a chance, if I can get it covered between FAFSA & Scholarships. I’m aiming to do a mix of certification/degrees with Horticulture and History.
My dream niche would be something along the lines of Conservation of Plants meets Living History. I’m looking at some colleges between Bellevue & Seattle, and am trying to determine which would be best for me. I’m leaning towards starting in Bellevue Community College, then possibly switching over to Seattle University if I complete the former. I’ll be moving to that area, and becoming a resident of WA Summer 2020. So, I am looking at Spring 2021 as my enrollment period. I am using Cappex to help me determine which scholarships to look into applying for.
I guess my main question: Does this plan (start in Bellevue CC, transfer to Seattle Uni) sound good? Am I missing any schools, or programs?