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Sirbrun Palestino asked 4 years ago
If i was raised by one parent who didn’t go to college, and another parent who passed away (who also didn’t do to college), then moved in with an aunt and uncle who have got degrees and soon are to become my legal guardians when i turn 18, does it make me a first gen for university because of my parents or not because of my aunt and uncle?

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago

Hi Sirbrun!

Please check out this quiz that I wrote. I think it should help to answer your question!

But I think the answer to your question depends on how long you lived with your parents vs. your aunt/uncle. It sounds like you lived longer with your parents, so it sounds to me like your parents raised you more than 50% of your life.  See my quiz to be sure, but you sound like a first gen so far.

Happy to help!