Do my Senior year classes and grades matter? Registering right now…

ForumCategory: ApplicationsDo my Senior year classes and grades matter? Registering right now…
Ben asked 4 years ago

I’m registering for my Senior year classes right now and want to know if colleges really look at these? Thanks

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Dear Ben,
PS–Hahahahaha. But seriously, YES. They really do. First quarter grades you can send to boost all your Early apps. First semester grades many colleges REQUIRE and you can send them to any colleges to boost your chances (when the grades are strong, obvs). And end of year grades many colleges REQUIRE, so, um, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t join in Senior Slide, Senior Slack, Senior Whateverthey’recallingitthesedays because you want to stay in the game! You got to have the Eye of the Tiger, Rocky! The Eye of the Tiger! 
Head in the game, Ben!  You got this!!!!!!
Coach S
Susanna Cerasuolo
replied 4 years ago

PPS–Dear Ben, also the colleges REALLY LOOK MICROSCOPICALLY CLOSELY at the classes you choose to take senior year. It tells me a greattttttt dealllll about you, now doesn’t it? (rubs hands evilly)

Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago

For some basic guidelines about choosing classes for senior year, consider these tips:

  • Take the same number of advanced classes or 1-2 more than you took in Junior year (IF you did well)
  • DO make sure that you have one full year of each: Biology, Chemistry and Physics, so that’s 3 years total. Colleges expect to see these three somewhere in the lineup, for a FULL year each
  • Strongly consider taking a fourth year of world language because so few kids do so it really sets you apart
  • Play to your strengths, which means take AP or Honors only in subjects where you do well. Be wise!
  • Grades DO matter senior year, as I said above in the OP
  • Don’t obsess about your electives because colleges know that’s your time to explore. They don’t judge you for wanting to explore and try new things. Just DON’T get a B in an elective. Then everyone judges you.
  • Make sure you are meeting graduation requirements. Talk with your counselor about PE, Art, Health, State History, US History. Make sure you have 4 years of Math, 4 years of English, 3 years at least of world language, 4 years of science is preferred, and 3-4 years of history.
  • If you are applying to UC schools, make sure you have a full year of Art in the SAME Art, so if you are taking semester classes that would be Photo 1 and 2, Guitar 1 and 2. NOT Photo 1 and Guitar 1. You don’t need to take these in the same school year, just one and then two. A full year of band or choir or drama (or any full-year art class) also counts. For less well-known art classes, ask your school counselor if class X at your school meets the UC system VPA requirement (Visual and Performing Arts).
  • You can double math or double science if you like and are strong in those
  • Do not take every AP class your school offers in an effort to look aggressive or great, UNLESS you can easily get straight As (which is very few kiddos). If you take a bunch of APs and get a bunch of Bs, you just look like you’re trying too hard, and your quality of life is really decreased.
  • Remember that your mental health has to be your NUMBER ONE priority. Your happiness is worth more to us counselors and teachers than any dumb old GPA!

If you have any more questions about registering for senior year classes, just post them here!
Yay, college!