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Kevin asked 4 years ago
Why should I go to the college presentations at my high school? What are the most important things to know when I go?

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago

Hi Kevin!

You should absolutely attend these presentations because the person giving the talk, 8 times out of 10, is the person who will be deciding if you get into the college or not!

  • So be early.
  • Look cute.
  • Listen attentively.
  • Sit up front.
  • DO NOT show up with your friends and act like a clown.
  • Go up afterward and smile and be ultra polite and ask 1-2 intelligent questions.
  • Take their card if possible to be able to ask follow up questions while applying.
  • SAY THANK YOU BEFORE LEAVING (and make my Italian Grandma proud—BUT, do not hug the rep, no matter what my Grandma says!)

These meetings are VERY important to attend. I always tell my students, why should any college rep believe that College XYZ is your “absolute top choice school” if he or she flew across the country, rented a car, used a GPS to find your school, MANAGED to find the visitor’s parking lot (try it sometime), MANAGED to find the front door, MANAGED to make it to Room 200, and your sorry self couldn’t walk down the hall for twenty minutes and smile???

Bad. Impression. So GO. And if you’ve got “that” teacher or “that” test, talk with your counselor and email the rep beforehand to ask if you can meet at a coffeeshop before or after school that day or while the rep is still in town.  That goes a LONG way and the rep is glad to try to help you. But ask early, because she can’t start meeting 26 kids at Starbucks for 4 minutes each beginning at 4 am…

Yay, college!