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Susan asked 4 years ago
I’m an international transfer student who is looking to apply to college in the USA. I started university in England fall 2018 and hoping to transfer for the spring semester. How do I submit unofficial transcripts while I’m currently attending my university? Also can you go over everything an international transfer student has to submit to US colleges after only one semester of college.

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi Susan!

This will really depend upon the college that you are applying to. I would contact them and ask. Usually your current college will give you an unofficial or official transcript, if you just ask. They can also send it straight to the other college.
To transfer you typically need your current transcript, essays, rec letters from faculty, an application, application fee, and possibly an interview or an admissions test.  Sometimes an international school will make you show proof that you have the funds needed to attend their school (in fact, they usually do this, because they don’t give much if any financial aid to international students.)
Hope this helps!
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