ForumCategory: ApplicationsCan I put taking a high-school level course early on my resume/college application?
Kathryn Xavier asked 6 months ago

I’m a freshman, but I’m very concerned with GPA’s, college options, and PSAT/SAT’s. I took Honors Biology in 7th grade and got an A, I took Algebra 1 in 8th Grade, and I’m taking Geometry, Chemistry, and 10th Grade English in 9th grade (this year). Can I put these facts on my resume/college application? I also intend to take advanced courses in future years.

Susanna de Chenonceau Staff replied 6 months ago

Hi Katherine! You do not need to worry about these things or list them on any application because your colleges will see your transcript and know exactly what you did. It’s very important to enjoy high school; it’s not just a means to get to college. High school, like every step in life, is a precious part of the journey. Savor it and treasure it. Don’t be in such a rush to get to every next thing because life is lived today, in each moment today. All the best, Susanna