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hhadill asked 4 years ago
this is more of a Courses-related question but i’m really having trouble. Im going to be a junior and these are the classes im taking:
AP French
AP US History
Honors English 3
Honors Art
Algebra 2
i was thinking of adding AP Psychology instead of Physics… i know i wont like physics and that colleges want to see rigor in your junior year, will taking 2 aps instead of 3 harm my chances??

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Susanna de Chenonceau answered 4 years ago
Hi HH!  You *need* to take physics during high school, almost always.  Colleges like to see Bio, Chem, and Physics. The number of AP classes you take is less important than the fact that you do well in them, so if you can take 3 AP classes and get As, then take 3. If not, then take 2.  🙂  Hope this helps, Susanna