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Johan asked 6 years ago

Hello!  I talked to my counselor yesterday and my GPA is 3.893 right now and I am currently studying IB Calculus (MM2), IB Chemistry, IB Physics at my High School and English 101 and US History at the local community college this quarter. I am considering taking IB Spanish at my school as well. (I have already filled my graduation requirement for a second language and I just returned from a foreign exchange in a Spanish speaking country). What do you think of adding that class on (bringing me to a total of 6 classes)? Thank you!

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susanna answered 6 years ago
Hi Johan, Your schedule sounds very demanding and the main focus should be on maintaining your high level of performance. If you are taking the Spanish class to graduate with a full IB diploma, then that is a noble goal. After a year abroad, the class may even be lower than your level? Just balance your workload so that you can stay healthy and sane while doing your best. 🙂