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Laura asked 6 years ago
I know that kids looking to get into college should probably take four years of a language. I could potentially take french 4 this year. HOWEVER I have had that french teacher for two years already and I know that she makes the class unbearable. I am thinking of taking spanish 1 this year. It makes sense to me – I would continue studying the new language in college and have a basic understanding of both languages. Would starting a completely new language from the begining look super wishy-washy to colleges?

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susanna answered 6 years ago
Ah, the perennial switching of languages question…. Well, kiddo, it’s like this: it looks better to stick with something, but if you want to switch for practical purposes, like career, third language acquisition, etc etc, then I would very clearly state that in your college apps because your 3 years of French and then one year of Spanish could make you look like it got too tough and you got out. That said, if you tell the colleges that you wanted to learn Spanish and plan to continue it in college, everyone should understand. It goes without saying that you must do well in the Spanish class. I do love it when kids take 4 years of a foreign language because it really sets you apart since so many kids stop after year two. A fourth year of a foreign language is not critical unless you are applying to the most competitive colleges, or if you would like to offset a potentially lower GPA by showing that you are a serious student. Then it’s a great idea. Hope this helps!