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Tiffany asked 4 years ago
c\’s- 1 in english (sophomore 2 semester) and 3 in math (this is in sophomore, 1 and 2 semester and 1 in second semester of sophomore.) b\’s- 2 in english (freshman 1 semester and sophomore first semester, 2 in global H (sophomore), 1 in geometry (sophomore first semester), 4 in science (all semester in both year), 2 in foreign language (sophomore), 1 in arts (sophomore second semester, 1 in gym (sophomore second semester. a\’s- 2 in SS (freshman 1 and 2 semester, 1 in english (freshman 1 semester, global (freshman 1 and 2 semester), 3 in arts (freshman 1 and 2 semester and 1 in sophomore first semester), health (freshman), 2 weight training ( sophomore 1 and 2 semester.  I got a 55 once in gym but retook it in sophomore. Somehow I still didn\’t get my .58 credit even though I retook it. Please I need why. So basically my bad grade is 55 (gym but retook it and got a 80), 70 (english), 75,75,75 (in math.) Throughout my 2 year. I have 2 more year left. Can I still boost my gpa to 3.0 or over? And how can my bad grade affect me from being accepted to college? To be honest I have a bad start and I\’m freaking out!