Community College Timeline

Interested in attending community college? CollegeMapper can help! Here are the steps you should take if you are planning to attend community college. If you want to learn more about what to consider when applying to community college, such as location, academic programs, and financial aid, be sure to check out our handout here.

Before you take the Compass test or the Accuplacer at community college, be sure to prep! When you go to sign up for CC they will make you take a placement test the same day, so do your prep before you go, for as much as 3 months prior! This is REALLY important because with just a little prep you can test into regular English and Math instead of remedial English and Math. A 4 year college will not give you credit for remedial English and Math, so you don’t want to pay to take those classes unless you absolutely have to. You can do great prep for either test using My Foundations Lab, a CollegeMapper partner. This $11 course will help you score higher on the prep tests and keep you out of remedial classes!

Not all CC’s are the same, so visit 2 or 3 near you and see which feels the best for your career goals and learning style.

When you have chosen a CC and done your placement test prep on My Foundations Lab, THEN go in and take the placement test. You take the test on the same day that you sign up for CC.

When you go to register at CC, they will ask you to take the placement test that same day and then they will likely help you choose your first classes! This is exciting! You may also be able to buy your books then.

As soon as school starts, or even before it does, make an appointment to meet with an academic adviser on campus. Have them help you create a two year course plan so that you don’t waste time and money taking classes that your four year school will not accept.