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step-by-step through every aspect of college admissions

CollegeMapper calmly guides high school students step-by-step through every aspect of college admissions. Prepare for, Select, and Apply to university, using our 30 years’ proven method that optimizes your results and reduces your stress.

Follow your personal timeline to know exactly what you need to be doing each month of high school so that you can get admitted to the very best colleges for you!

Designed by private college counselor Susanna, with 30 years’ experience, CollegeMapper has helped thousands of high school students get accepted to their dream colleges, as calmly and strategically as possible. When followed, our proven system yields incredible results in admissions.

Get the very best college guidance, wisdom, and strategy all in one handy app that feeds you a few tasks at a time, so that you can stay on track.


To-Do List: Know what you need to be doing at all times for college admissions and track your progress on your simple, personalized checklist

Progress: See your progress percent at all times, in grades 8-12, as you prepare for, select, and apply to colleges

Reminders: Get reminders for your to-do list items so you stay on track and calm

Video Clips: Private college counselor Susanna explains to you exactly how to best do each step on your college admissions to-do list, and she explains why you need to do it

Race Your Friends: See your college admissions progress compared to your friends so you know exactly where you stand at all times

Catch up: If you fall behind, that’s OK! CollegeMapper will catch you up and you can skip tasks that are less critical.

Go at Your Own Pace: You can speed up if you want, and move as quickly as you like.

Invite Your Parents: If you want, invite your parents to see what you are doing to prepare for your college applications

Ask Susanna: Any time you have questions about college admissions, see Susanna’s answers and submit questions she hasn’t already answered!

Receive Encouragement – Susanna has been cheerily coaching students through college admissions for 30 years, so benefit from her great, expert guidance as she cheers you on.

Get Guidance On:

How to Stand Out in Admissions—What you can do to make your apps pop

Summer Programs – Which are best for you and when to apply

Class Registration – Which classes you should take to look your best

Rec Letters – Which teachers you should ask and when

SAT, ACT, APs, and Test Prep – Which tests to take and how to prep

Building Your Resume – How to make your activities stand out

Filling Out the Common App – How to do the strongest Common App possible

Finding the Best Colleges for You – Where to search and what to look for

Creating a Wise, Balanced College List – Ensure you have great admissions results

Visiting Campuses for Maximum Results – What to do on a campus visit and when to go

Choosing Your Major – How to know what major (or 2!) are best for you and your apps

Financial Aid – How to get the most scholarship money possible

Mental Health – Learn tips to stay calm and happy and healthy during high school and college

Raise Your GPA – Learn what you can do to boost or fix your GPA

Applying ED vs EA – Know how you should apply to each college


Recruiting 101 – Get step-by-step guidance on how to get yourself recruited and why you should do it. Recruiting is SIMPLE and it doubles your chances of getting accepted to college, so be sure to use this. Anyone can get themselves recruited!

Deadlines for Your College Apps – Create a schedule to keep yourself on track for applying

Essay Planning – Learn what to write for your essays and how to recycle where possible.