Common App Announces Changes

By: Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.   The Common App announces major changes for new version 4, 2013. In a packed-to-capacity ballroom, high school guidance counselors and college admissions officers from around the world scribbled furious notes, alternately applauded and gasped collectively, and strained to hear every word issued from the pulpit, er, podium. No, it wasn’t […]

How To Send Your Transcripts To Colleges [VIDEO]

  It’s Senior year of high school and you’re in the thick of college applications (or you should be!). You’ve done your best to get those grades up and now it’s time to show them off to the colleges, but you’re thinking,”Where do I start?” Take a peek at our latest video on how to […]

An Overview of a College Application

By: Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.   Organizing college apps can be confusing, and often students just want to know what a college application consists of.  Here is a clear breakdown of what goes into one college app:   1. Application This might be a Common Application (which 488 colleges use) or the college’s own app.  Check […]

Social Media and Your College Applications [VIDEO]

  If you’re the type of kid who doesn’t think twice before uploading that picture of you mooning your little sister, it’s time to think twice. The world is growing increasingly small with the advent of new technologies and more specifically, social media. The online world is more easily accessible than you may think. Even […]

Pieces of a College Application [VIDEO]

  The pieces of a college app can be difficult to decipher and hard to keep track of. Now that the school year has begun, it’s time for Seniors to begin sorting them out. Susanna is here to help with today’s video on the different parts of a college application and what they mean. For more advice […]

Should I Apply Early Decision or Early Action?

By: Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.   In a word, yes. It typically increases your chances of acceptance.  In fact, some colleges have done away with their Early programs because it is most often socio-economically advantaged students who know to apply this way.  To decide if applying early is right for you, let’s look at the differences […]

Avoidable College Application Mistakes

 By: Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.   Seniors, as you navigate your college applications this Fall, be sure to avoid some of these common mistakes:   1. Writing “See attached” in Activities section of common app Fill out this section, even if you upload your activities resume in the Additional Info section on the Writing page of […]

The Common App 500 Word Limit: 21 MORE Colleges Weigh In

  If you’re stressed about how strict or lenient the new 500-word limit is on the Common Application, read on!   Welcome to our second installment of colleges’ responses to the new 500 word limit for the main essay on the Common Application. For those of you just joining us, the Common App implemented this […]

How Strict is the Common App’s 500 Word Limit? 20 Colleges Weigh In

Last year the Common App changed the word limit on the main essay from no limit to “250-500 words.” While this set off a frenzy of anxiety in students, the colleges seemed to be interpreting this limit differently among admissions offices.  Some colleges abide by the limit strictly, some are lax with it, and some […]