How To Organize Your College Apps: Part 2

Organizing your college applications can be a pretty complex business, but we’ve built some tools on the CollegeMapper applications page to help you keep it all straight.  Here are the basic pieces you need to be concerned about: Transcripts: Your high school sends your main official transcript.  You need to see this document at least one […]

How to Organize Your College Apps: Part 1

College applications are a major teenage rite of passage, but they can really make you stressed and crazy.  Take charge!  With this handy checklist you can be so organized people won’t recognize you.  Let’s go… Collect some key data from each college’s website.  Use excel if you know how, or make a grid on paper. […]

Why You Should Take Online Classes During High School

Why not?  This new trend in college offerings is a win-win for a high school student who needs some reinforcement in a subject or a student who wants an extra challenge. I think the main thing to be aware of is that your online courses should not be allowed (by you) to compromise your high […]

Common App 2013 Breakdown

By: Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.   Figuring out the Common App can be very confusing, especially with the new version this year. Lucky for you we’ve got some fun (not really) little notes on each of the 6 main sections of the actual Common App.   For an overview of the 2013 Common App check out […]

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to the New 2013 Common App

By: Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.   Here it is, Seniors, the Insider’s Guide to Cracking the New Common App 2013 (CAv4), complete with explanations (not funny ones) and tips (also not funny).  This online beast is a teenage rite of passage, so congrats to you for being a Senior, and woohoo, let’s tackle that Common App. […]

Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing

Wondering if you should schedule interviews at the colleges you’re applying to? Wondering what the heck you should do if you do schedule them? Interviews for college can be daunting and it can be easy to avoid them all together because you’re not sure what to wear, do or say. However, interviews are one of […]

Before You Submit…

By: Mia Myklebust and Susanna Cerasuolo M.Ed.   For high school Seniors, November is a hectic and stressful month. You’re busy finishing up testing, attending college fairs, having interviews and, most importantly, submitting your applications. In all the hubbub it can be easy to overlook one or two things on your applications. We’re here to […]

Beat That College App Stress

By: Mia Myklebust   Stress is a normal and healthy part of life. Everyone runs into stressful situations and this will only increase as you get older. The college application process can be particularly stressful for many young adults. For many high school students this is the first time they are dealing with something that […]

How To Apply To UC Schools

This week’s video is about the application for the University of California schools. The UC system has its own application so it’s important to get to know it if you’re thinking of applying to one or more of these schools. Watch as Susanna breaks down the app, provides due date reminders and explains aspects of […]

How To Get Great Recommendation Letters [VLOG]

  One of the main components of your college applications are the letters of recommendation you get from your high school teachers. It can often be difficult for students to know which teachers they should ask and how they should do the asking. For great advice on choosing the right teachers, how to ask them […]